The Future of Solar Photo Voltaic Panels

Report by Harry Pearce

The future of Solar PV Cells is bright, Pun intended, throughout the current years a lot of alterations in in green technologies and funding had led to a enormous boost in the uptake of solar panels on enterprise and residential property. Although the uptake has been a lot much better than many experts expected throughout the financial crisis, additional development in production and installation and raising the longevity in solar panel technologies will have a massive influence on the additional uptake on Solar Cells.

There is some cause behind the surprising enhance in the uptake of the solar panels over the past couple of months. The current poor returns of a lot of ISA and fixed Bond in banks and the crisis on the stock markets has generate a genuinely investment chance in green technology. Currently several of the roof solar panel installation have a financial return of about 15% and achievable can be within profit inside 5-8 years.

Getting solar cells is becoming less difficult and simpler every year with, new merchandise on the industry to speed up installation with snap lock designs or new DIY based packages in order to generate your own custom solar cells in order to fit on unusual roof shapes. With the recent 20% increases in electric bills across the UK a lot of properties are looking into changing to green technologies, will Solar panels would can possibly create enough power to power your property and sell a surplus to the national grid. In my encounter on a very good summers day I can make virtually a third far more electricity then I use by means of my solar cells. I have also heard reports of even larger returns along the south coast. In some areas of the UK massive fields on solar panels are not too long ago getting springing up replacing fields of rape seed with fields of solar cells. I current solar farm designed in Devon built and erected more than 5000 solar panels in just three weeks. This just shows how in some counties of the UK solar farms 1 day could power most of the rural towns and villages.

Current developments from MIT in the US have also developed new durable solar cells printed on paper. This has the possible to totally change the shape and style of solar technologies. If made water proof these basic solar cells could one particular day be integrated into a properties roof, thus supplying a water proof membrane and free of charge energy at the exact same time. Presently the production cost of this technology is rather expensive but hopeful by way of mass production this should be on the green energy industry inside 5 -ten years. Picture been able to get a 50 metre roll of solar cells and cutting them to size to attach to your shed or garage. The future of solar power is bright, the future is green.