Solar Energy – Environment Friendly

He who wears the shoes knows exactly where it pinches most. Right now, you read about a plane crash in Brazil in which a lot more than 200 lives are lost. Some couple of years ago, you read about an additional plane crash in Nigeria exactly where more than a hundred lives are lost in a twinkle of an eye. When you read about these air crashes involving victims you do not know, you will only shrug your shoulders. Hmmm, one more plane crash! If someone you know quite well or a relation were a victim of such plane crashes, plane crashes will have a distinct meaning to you.

Might 25th 2009, an extended family members relation of ours had a moderate to severe burn from a generating set fuel. A person inadvertently took fire near it and the havoc was unleashed. My maternal uncle’s wife was the worst victim. The pains,material losses and man-hour wastes are colossal. If their option source of energy was solar energy, she could have been spared all she is passing by means of now.

Solar Energy… clearly is much more environment friendly.

I can’t imagine Solar enegy inflicting any form of bodily harm to any individual. Best of all, the environment is better for it. No smokes or fumes of any type.The plants and animals are by no means threatened by solar energy in any way. When we talk about depletion of the ozone layer, Solar energy is but to be a leading cause of it. With what happened to my uncle’s wife I ought to be in the forefront of those preaching the gospel in favour of solar energy. I have been at the other side. I feel it.